COMING SUMMER 2020 Our first annual Route 66 cruise

Coming summer of 2020 Motor sports news publications Will be hitting the road with a few hundred of our friends. It is our first annual route 66 cruise where we will have a starting point and an end point. Every street rod, classic car, modern performance car and a few mini vans are welcome to join the cruise. Along the route at different stages we will have events including but not limited to live music, Tours of historical places, barbecues, movies and don’t forget storytelling. Dates and locations are still in the works We are hoping to make this a 3 day event start to finish. We will keep you updated. We will have support vehicles along the way in case something happens. This will include a fully equipped service truck for emergency repairs (with some spare parts), A flatbed trailer in case (well you know just in case), a pilot car, A food truck, a few rv’s and a bunch of Hot Rods. Did I mention the MotorSports News Team will be broadcasting along the route? If you are a business and want to participate along the route 66 tour we would love to have you there with us. Check back with us and don’t forget to get on the e-mail list to get updates.

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